Monkey builds his part up

Our Team baton and mascot, the Man City Monkey has so far made it safely all the way from John O’Groats, being passed with great care from rider to rider.  There are signs now that he is growing in confidence and getting a bit too big for his wee Man City boots… Here he is trying to steal the limelight and promote himself to rider!

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Day 12

Day 12 sees our smallest team yet on the Challenge, but what they lack in numbers, they certainly make up for in…..COMMITMENT!

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Stretch Quarrie

Stretch Quarrie show us exactly why he only needs to pedal half as much as everyone else.

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The End of Day 11

The survivors (and those who were not on their way to the train station) of day 11. 

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Ollie’s looking gooood

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Day 11- what a day!

Day 11 has been a very long day; another 2 in 1 as it’s our second ‘day of two halves’.  All the cyclists have said that today was particularly hilly but we’re all used to that now…

It was really great to have a support crew of 3 for such a complicated day and Jim, Helen and Lynsey managed to keep everyone together.  Well almost.

We had a mini crisis in the morning when Ian and Alan lost an ipod.  They had to re-trace their steps to find it, then guess what?  They actually managed to reach the half way point before everyone else!  Some cycling!  If anyone saw them along the route please leave a comment here, otherwise the rumour will continue to circulate that they caught a lift from a passing tractor….

At lunch time the Davidsons left after their impressive performance and the Team Rylance baton was passed to Richard, Stuart, Dave and Grant.  Hopefully more photos to follow; we know of at least one person who’s promised more sponsorship to see one of the above in lycra (you know who you are).

Crossing the Clifton Suspension Bridge proved a challenge but we all managed in the end: TRUE TEAMWORK.  Well done Richard, Frank, Dave and Ben.

The afternoon saw a torrential downpour so the support crew were on hand with cups of tea.

The end of stage 11 was met with further challenges as Helen had to use all her driving skills (with Lynsey on hand with a SUSA comment should it be needed) to get Hills, Nick and Mr Length-of-Wales himself Adrian Lewis to the station on time to get home.  More late nights for our valliant cyclists and crew.

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