Get involved!

Find out how you can get involved right here!

Mark suggested we raise funds for:

…and we have set our target at £25,000.

You can help us reach that by clicking the just giving link here:

Just Giving link

…and don’t forget to sign up for gift aid.

The Mark Rylance Challenge has something for all ages.  Here is Andy Kerrighan in training for Stage 10, on the 16th May.  Andy is hoping that training with the weight handicap (ie baby Jakey) will pay off come the big day.

There are other ways you can become involved:

– Have a go at our quiz!  It’s just for fun and no prizes.  Just for Fun

– Bake or buy a cake for a MRC cake sale.  If cycling is not your thing, why not bake a cake and share it to help raise funds?  The cyclists will appreciate your consuming the calories on their behalf and you can be really imaginative with your  baking; Dundee cake,  Scottish shortbread, Manchester tart (Mark’s favorite) or Devon cream scones for those latter stages.  The NGP cake sales are 12th May (Hollinwood) 16th May (Warwick) and 18th May (Wokingham).

– If you prefer to collect sponsors on a form instead of via Just Giving you can download a Mark Rylance Challenge sponsorship form here MacMillan Sponsor Form.

– The children of Buckton Vale primary School have been busy designing tshirts for the riders to wear.  Every child in the school has produced a design inspired by the Challenge, by Macmillan and by Mark’s love of football and each one is a masterpiece.  Here are the winning entries:

Year 6 Year 5_6  Year 4_5  Year 3_4 2nd one  Year 3_4  Year 2  Year 1_2  Year 1 reception Mrs Brand  Year Reception  

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4 Responses to Get involved!

  1. Nicola Slater says:

    We have our first donation to just giving! This is a great landmark.
    Thank you to James Warrington for being the first to donate, and for leading the way. James is cycling the Chester to Welsh Bicknor stage; that is unless his baby arrives a few days early…

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  3. Umberto Regan says:

    Good Luck today Naomi and to everyone else taking part in this worthy cause.
    Umberto, Lin, Matt and Jack x

  4. Claire Haycock says:

    Thank you for allowing me to take part in such a fantastic event. It was a real priviledge to get involved, and I met some amazing people during the final day’s ride through Cornwall.
    Well done to all who contributed in organising this wonderful tribute to Mark.

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