…..And they have finished!

We are very pleased to announce that the Mark Rylance Challenge is now complete, the last group of cyclists have just safely crossed the finish line at Land’s End – fantastic!

By all accounts it was a really challenging day – not least the fact that they almost didn’t manage to get out of Redruth when a combination of hills and navigational issues almost threw a spanner in the works (sounds familiar!).  But nothing it seems, can stop our cyclists on what has been the most amazing 14 days.

The reports coming in are that everyone is in good spirits and this was helped greatly by the welcoming party that greeted them – Ollie & Ben’s family turned out in force, along with champagne and an official photographer – what a great surprise.

Thank you so much to all who have taken part and supported the challenge – you have made it the success it has been.  Everyone involved has approached it with such enthusiasm and a real sense of humour (which was really needed at times!), to give Mark the very best tribute possible.

Well done, you should all be very proud of yourselves – we certainly are!!!

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3 Responses to …..And they have finished!

  1. Richard Vink says:

    Brilliant! Great photo. Huge effort by everyone involved in the relay from riders and support drivers through those that clapped and cheered us on the way, all the generous sponsors to especially the team that organised the whole thing – superb job on making this a privilege to be part of.
    Just one thing to say – can only reiterate the final sentence of this blog: Well done, you should all be very proud of yourselves

  2. Janet (Marks sister) says:

    What a truly fantastic group of people you all are. You have all been amazing throughout the challenge. Mark would have been filled with pride at what you have all done. There are many of you that I don’t even know and my heart felt thanks go out to each and everyone of you. It has been a privilege to meet some of you during the challenge and I hope you can now relax and take a well deserved rest knowing what a great and memorable event you have made The Mark Rylance Challenge

  3. ANDY BUCK says:

    A huge “WELL DONE” to everyone who took part. This was an incredible thing to do and you should all feel proud. I’m quite sad its all finished as reading the blog was better than Eastenders. I don’t suppose you want to now do the whole thing again in reverse? (best not answer that!) Best wishes to you all.

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